The 3D Printing Internship Experience at ABCorp

When Eric Navarrete, a 2021 graduate of the English High School, migrated from Mexico to the United States two years ago, he knew only a few words of English. This challenge, however, did not stop him from pursuing his dream of studying mechanical engineering and astronomy in college. Even while adjusting to a new environment amidst a global pandemic, Eric pushed himself to learn.

“I worked twice as hard to be at the same level as the people from here,” he recalls. “I joined different programs to help me learn the language and improve my speaking, reading, and writing skills.”

Eric helps ABCorp’s 3D Printing team manufacture 3D-printed products.

Now, this same work ethic has already made him an essential team member of the international manufacturing services company ABCorp, where he interning as part of the recently established 3D Printing Department. Over the summer, Eric is helping ABCorp’s 3D Printing team manufacture a range of products from robotics parts to personal protective equipment.

“I have always been interested in technology, biotech, robotics, and astronomy, so I see this internship opportunity as a stepping stone,” says Eric. “It’s opened my eyes to how practical engineering works and how it can be applied in different aspects.”

Through his internship, Eric has developed a deeper appreciation for practical engineering and its applications.

Neil Glazebrook, ABCorp’s Vice President of 3D Solutions, sees the value in giving young people practical experience in what it takes to be an engineer.

“The experience is really important, and having interns see that from the ground up is only going to make them better engineers and lead to a better manufacturing economy,” explains Glazebrook. “Learning how manufacturing truly operates is key – not from a desk but hands-on with cutting edge equipment.”

Eric’s experience this summer has reinforced his interest in engineering and given him insight into his future career.

“I never thought I’d be working for an actual company. I met actual engineers, and it’s answered all my questions. It gave me a very good idea of how my career will be.”

Neil Glazebrook, ABCorp’s VP of 3D Solutions, showcases some of the company’s 3D-printed samples.

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