HOPE Forward Postsecondary Coach

As a part of the Success Boston initiative, PIC postsecondary coaches provide college and career support to Boston Public Schools (BPS) graduates transitioning from high school to Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) in order to increase college persistence and completion rates. The HOPE Forward coaches will coach a caseload of about 75 students, with a particular focus on young men of color. Postsecondary coaches are responsible for student recruitment, transition support, persistence coaching, career awareness, program reporting, and collaborating within the PIC postsecondary team. HOPE Forward coaches also will work with BHCC student leaders who are young men of color, who will provide peer support for coached students and bring their experience and leadership into the Success Boston learning community. The work is part of a larger citywide initiative to improve college outcomes for BPS graduates, and the team is part of a policy and practice community that applies its learnings to increase college completion rates for BPS graduates, who are largely first-generation students of color.

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Career Specialist

Based in one or more Boston public high schools, the Career Specialist recruits and prepares students for employment throughout the year and identifies work-ready students to make appropriate referrals. In coordination with the PIC’s employer engagement team, the Career Specialist supports students through selection processes and at worksites to make sure that they are meeting employer expectations and engaging in productive work-based learning experiences. The Career Specialist must be able to work effectively with youth, employers, teachers, school administrators, and PIC staff.

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