Re-Engagement Center

The Re-Engagement Center (REC), a partnership between the PIC and the Boston Public Schools (BPS), is the only BPS program that targets high school dropouts. The REC offers students access to the resources and counseling they need to re-enroll in school and get back on track to graduate. One of the first programs of its kind in the nation, the REC has found that most dropouts actually want to return to school and can succeed when given the right support.

Staff at the REC reach out to young people who have dropped out of high school and assist in-school students who have fallen behind. It all begins with a conversation, staff sharing their own story, and listening to the young person. Next, the re-engagement specialists help students determine the best fit for them – whether it is a high school in the district or an alternative program with a non-profit partner – and then help them enroll. The REC re-enrolls more than 300 students annually, connecting them with appropriate school placements while providing returnees the personal support to succeed.

REC Services:


  • Outreach to dropouts via mail, phone, and door knocking.
  • Transcript review to give students a picture of what credits they need to complete school.
  • Make referrals to online credit recovery, night school, and day and summer school classes, as well as GED referrals.
  • Help students enroll in an appropriate BPS high school or alternative program.
  • Follow-up with students after placement.
  • Make connections to various support services within the community.
  • Conduct life skills and career preparation workshops.
How to Contact the REC

The REC is located in Nubian Square on the campus of Madison Park Vocational Technical High School, Building 1, 55 Malcom X Boulevard, Roxbury.

Hours are Monday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm.

Intakes are by appointment only, although walk-ins are welcome during our regular hours of operation to get general information and to set up an appointment. Intake appointments can be in-person or virtual.

If you are a BPS school staff member looking to refer a student, call the office to set up an appointment or fax or email the student’s referral.

For general information about the REC, contact Angie Encarnacion, REC Manager. Or fill out the form below:

Contact the REC