Summer Interns Receive Job Experience and Mentoring at Related Beal

Boston Public Schools high school students participated in various summer jobs across fields ranging from tech and healthcare to the arts and real estate management. Over the course of their internships, students learned and developed many professional and practical skills, allowing them to grow and take a step closer to pursuing their ideal careers.

These skills, however, aren’t the only things students built upon this summer. Many interns also established great professional relationships and connections with mentors in their fields of interest.

For Jean Colas, his earliest memories of architecture were at home, using his shoeboxes to build miniature cities.

Jean Colas, a senior at John D. O’Bryant School of Science and Mathematics, says his internship at construction and real estate management company Related Beal under Assistant Project Manager Jesse LaMontagne was a valuable learning experience.

“I’ve always been a quiet person and at times, it’s hard for me to communicate But, while working with Jesse, he encouraged and helped me to speak more and ask questions, which has helped me improve in my work and contribute more at Related Beal,” explained Jean.

Over the summer, Jean worked under Jesse’s guidance to complete the unit inspections at the company’s new commercial and residential property at 370-380 Harrison.

“We were very pleased with Jean’s performance during his short stay with us,” said Jesse. “He’s an intelligent and diligent worker who put his best foot forward each day he came on the job site. He was professional, engaged, and he asked questions when he needed to.”

Because of that hard work, Jean now has a team rooting for his future success.

“One of my most memorable experiences at Related Beal was when Jesse and his colleagues told me that they wanted me to be successful – I appreciated that a lot. I’ll continue to keep in touch with the team, and hopefully, with their advice, I’ll be successful in the future. It’s made me want to try harder to be successful, to be someone that they can be proud of,” explained Jean.

Jean’s internship at Related Beal allowed him to gain job experience and establish professional relationships with his mentors.

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