The PIC Works with Employers

The PIC engages with employers across the spectrum from school to career, helping meet needs for

  • immediate staffing, through the Career Centers
  • talent development, through access to funds for training and upskilling
  • workforce development through youth programs

We invite you to visit the links on this page and across the site to understand how the PIC can work with your organization. Contact Josh Bruno, Director of Employer Engagement or Angela McCabe, Director of Workforce Development.

Hire High School Interns

Each summer, over 200 employers hire Boston public high school students as part of the Mayor’s Summer Jobs Campaign. Some continue to hire students during the school year.

Learn more about hiring high school students

Hire Young Adults

Boston’s high school and college graduates are looking for good first jobs that can launch them into high quality careers.

Learn more about hiring young adults

Join with Other Employers to Diversify Your Industry and Create Pipelines into Your Company

The PIC’s Healthcare Careers Consortium and TechHire Boston Convening bring together employers looking to diversify the healthcare and technology industries.

Learn more about the PIC’s convenings

Access Funding for Training and Upskilling

The PIC helps to connect employers looking to partner with a local training provider or upskill current employees with private, state or federal grants.

Learn more about training and upskilling grants