The PIC’s postsecondary team recognizes the importance of college completion in an economy that rewards postsecondary degrees and credentials. The PIC employs several coaches who work directly with community college students, helping them navigate the difficult transition from high school to college, access college resources, and advance toward a degree and a career.

Success Boston

Founded in 2008 with a goal of a 70% college completion goal for the Boston Public Schools Class of 2011 and beyond, Success Boston is a citywide effort inspired by former Mayor Thomas Menino and funded by the Boston Foundation through the Social Innovation Fund. Its motto is fourfold: get ready, get in, get through, and get connected. The PIC’s Success Boston postsecondary coaches work with Boston Public Schools graduates attending Bunker Hill Community College, Roxbury Community College, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Quincy College, and students transitioning to UMass Boston.

Coaches are their students’ biggest advocates. They understand that college can be challenging, especially for students who may be the first in their families to attend, and they’re there to help. Coaches:

  • Provide assistance with college registration, enrollment, and financial aid
  • Support students throughout earning their degree

For more information, contact Annabelle Cataloni, Postsecondary Team Manager, at or 617-438-5491.


While Success Boston coaches work exclusively with graduates of the Boston Public Schools, SkillWorks College Navigator Zeida Santos helps students of all ages and educational backgrounds, with a focus on disconnected 18-24 year olds (often referred to as “opportunity youth”) and adult graduates of training programs funded by SkillWorks. Zeida provides the following services to students and staff at Bunker Hill Community College and Roxbury Community College:

  • Guiding students through applications, financial aid forms, and the career planning process
  • Helping students utilize on and off campus services
  • Connecting community colleges with workforce agencies to facilitate collaboration

For more information, contact Zeida Santos, SkillWorks College Navigator, at or 617-413-7791.

Getting Connected

The PIC launched a career navigation and internship program for community college students from Boston. Getting Connected aims to better prepare students for the world of work following college graduation.  Students enrolled at Bunker Hill Community College meet with the PIC Postsecondary Employer Account Manager who will advise students on their employment options and match them with the needs of employers based on students’ skills, interests, and experiences.

Getting Connected provides:

  • Resume-building, professional and workplace skill workshops, and mock interviews
  • Prepared students who are ready to work
  • A no-fee referral service to workers who can fill staffing needs
  • Assistance building companies’ workforce development pipelines
  • Access to PIC staff who provide support throughout the process

For more information, contact Rob Surratt, Postsecondary Employer Account Manager, at or 617-719-4794.

Claudia Torres—Continuing to move forward
When Claudia Torres graduated from Dorchester Academy in 2012, her PIC career specialist connected her to a PIC postsecondary coach who helped her enroll at Bunker Hill Community College.Read More>

When Claudia Torres graduated from Dorchester Academy in 2012, her PIC career specialist connected her to a PIC postsecondary coach who helped her enroll at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC). After a successful first year, family issues and housing instability made school more difficult. Her grades started to slip and her drive to succeed slowed. Going into her third year, Claudia still had 30 credits left to complete before graduation, and she felt overwhelmed.

Claudia was able to establish herself independently before the start of her fourth year in the fall of 2015. She credits her PIC postsecondary coach with being there for her when she was ready to return to school full time. She told her coach that she wanted to find employment that would pay more than her laundromat job and fit better with her school schedule. Claudia’s coach recommended that she attend an information session for Getting Connected, a pilot program that prepares BHCC students to succeed at the workplace and brokers them into part-time employment and internships.

At the information session, she met the PIC’s postsecondary employer account manager who leveraged his relationship with Apple to secure an interview for Claudia, and coached her through the process. Claudia was hired to work at the Apple store on Boylston Street last December. She continues to work there today and is moving up the ranks. Claudia graduated from BHCC in May as a business major and transferred to UMass Boston, where she will continue to be supported by a PIC postsecondary coach this fall.

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