June 01, 2017

Boston Hosts the Aspen Institute's Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund Convening

Last week, the Boston Opportunity Youth Collaborative hosted The Aspen Institute's bi-annual Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund convening in Boston. More than 400 people working across sectors to serve Opportunity Youth converged in the city to share knowledge, challenges, and best practices. Boston has long served as a model for using collective impact strategies to address the diverse needs of this often difficult to reach population. 

A highlight of the 4-day forum was The Boston Story: Multiple Waves of Collective Impact, a plenary featuring a panel of Boston leaders discussing how the city has served disconnected youth over time. Featured speakers included Mayor Marty Walsh, Boston's Chief of Education Turahn Dorsey, Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools Tommy Chang, President and CEO of the The Boston Foundation Paul Grogan, Bunker Hill Community College Associate Provost Clea Andreadis, Boston Re-Engagement Center Manager Emmanuel Allen, and Youth Voice Project Peer Leader Amanda Shabowich.

Common themes of the discussion centered around including youth in policy and program planning, the need for closer connection between classroom lessons and real-world workplaces, and the vital role of collaboration in creating a system of services for Opportunity Youth in Boston. The forum offered a space to collectively reflect on how far Boston has come and to think about where the city is heading in terms of re-engaging disconnected youth. Learn more about where the city stands on youth engagement by reading our research brief on trends in workforce and education indicators for Boston youth.

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